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  • Client:Richard Phillips
  • Date:10 November, 2019
  • Skills:Gulp / Bootstrap / HTML
  • Category:Front end Development

Really impressed by this template! It was clearly made with love and a lot of skills. This template caught my eye. It feels like unique and creative at the same time. I recommend it!


Jones Robertson

Developer at Google

The Design Challenge:

The client has not clear and specific instruction regarding color scheme, font style and don't give you clear goals. The most challenge was a deadline.

Our team has only one week to complete projects with the top quality work. According to that our team has planned project tasks and challenges, Our team has accepted all challenges and successfully completed projects within the timeframe with all expectations.

Our Approach:

We reviewed the common approaches to design and selected best color scheme and relevant to the brand. We have successfully completed with our positive approach.

  • Create and applied multiple color scheme for the project.
  • From the scratch, we have designed and research projects.
  • Our team has completely followed planning as well.

Closing Thoughts:

As a result all features are up-to date and the client business will continue to increase, visitors are more than 200% within a month.


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